Would somebody please explain that whole LNG thing?

Okay, here’s the story. We are all familiar with it.

FREDERICTON (CP) – New Brunswick’s senior minister in the federal cabinet says Ottawa views liquefied natural gas as dangerous cargo that can be banned from transport in Canadian waters.

Veterans Affairs Minister Greg Thompson said Friday the federal Conservative government has made it clear to U.S. companies they will not be able to bring large LNG tankers through Canadian waters off the New Brunswick coast.

“Our position is that LNG is dangerous cargo,” Thompson said during a visit to Fredericton to announce innovation funding from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.

Thompson, Conservative MP for New Brunswick Southwest, said Ottawa is prepared to fight the LNG proposals all the way to international court, if necessary.

Now, I am very sincere when I say I don’t understand the difference between a Saint John LNG plant and a Maine LNG plant. Why it is ‘completely safe’ when it was presented to Saint John and it is ‘dangerous’ when it’s Maine.

Please advise.