Want to track FDI into NB?

Industry Canada’s Invest in Canada web site tracks FDI investments into Canada by province. Before you click on the link, a few caveats. One, this database is far from complete. I know of a few projects that aren’t in for NB alone. Also, there are a few ‘retail’ investments that have no business being in there in my opinion.

But you will note a few things.

1) Look at how many of the 46 NB investments are either projects that were brought in under McKenna/Theriault and expanded under Lord. 80% of the non-retail projects.

2) Note how many call centres are on this list – and it doesn’t include domestic (Canada-based) call centres. I have nothing against CCs but show me the new sectors that Lord et. al. have nurtured in the past seven years. Nada.