Dream trip to New Brunswick ?

I know all the tourism data. The reason why we spent the majority of our tourism advertising dollars on screens and in media in New Brunswick is to keep New Brunswickers home. I realize that this is a bit counter intuitive but haven’t you ever wondered why we get a barrage of NB tourism advertisments on the local TV and newspapers?

But I found this a little too farfetched. I’d be curious to see the tourism marketers’ rationale for this. At the Times & Transcript web site we get a bit tourism ad that says:

Now, I don’t claim an overly robust understanding of tourism marketing but aren’t the vast majority of Times & Trashscript readers actually located in New Brunswick? So wouldn’t we want to win a dream trip to Hawaii or somthing?

And not to rain on Tourism NB’s parade but I much prefer the ‘explore NB’ message as the vast majority of people across North America have never even heard of NB let alone have ‘dreams’ about vacationing here.

Two thumbs down on this one, folks.