Animation nation – the ‘Chi goes digital

I got a fair amount of ‘ho hum’, ‘yeah right’ (s) from a bunch of you when I floated the idea of Miramichi leveraging its great NBCC animation diploma program into an animation cluster.

It seems that some people are about the business of making this happen.

Miramichi-based FatKat Animation Studios – a little birdie told me that are looking to hire another 40 people.

Not quite enough to mitigate the potential loss of the mill but baby steps, folks. Baby steps.

Just think. If the NB gov and the local econ. dev. folks got together and got serious, in 10 years we could have a serious mini-cluster of animators over there fishin’ salmon, huntin’ deer and ensuring the survival of a community that has been around for 200 years or more.