The old dipsy doodle

My father used to say that Guy Lafleur was a great dipsy doodler (he also talked about the Savard ‘spinorama’ to describe Serge Savard’s legendary fake a slapshot, spin around and shoot again). In those days, I understood dipsy doodling to be a skill akin to being about the skate delicately around an issue.

So get ready for some dipsy doodling next Tuesday. That’s when KPMG releases their 2006 version of the Canadian government funded study showing the lowest costs to do business in the G-7 (I think they leave ‘8’ – Russia – out of the mix). The Feds pay hundreds of thousands and KPMG conveniently shows that Canada has the lowest costs in the G-7. The problem is that in the 2004 version, KPMG boldly stated that Canada’s cost advantage against the US would hold all the way to a $0.74 CDN = $1.00 US conversion rate – at the time that would be quite a feat. Of course, I found their methodology to be quite flawed and in many cased based on bad source data.

Anyhoo, we are now at $0.82 CDN = $1.00 US. You have to appreciate that Canada has been the lowest cost location in the world in this study since the mid 1990s when it was started. Governments in Canada have paid millions to prove this.

Will the study on Tuesday confirm Canada’s cost advantage? Will we see Lafleur-esque dipsy doodling? Will the reknowned KPMG still find Canada the cheapest in light of their bold statement in 2004? Will Brad return to Jennifer?