The natives are getting restless

There’s an article in the TJ today about a seminar in Fredericton yesterday about the ‘brain drain’ – the loss of university graduates to other provinces and the United States. A survey from the University of Prince Edward Island that said 34 per cent of all people who leave the region are university graduates.

Now, you have heard all of this on the pages of this blog. How out-migrants are more educated than those that stay, that our universities are subsidizing Ontario’s labour market, etc. But what was interesting was the comments by a VP of the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation. Remember teh NBIF was set up by Premier Lord to make New Brunswick a hotbed for research and development (tee, hee, hee):

Calvin Milbury, vice-president of business development for the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation, says the time for talk is over and real action plans are required. “The feeling that I am getting is that there is a sense of urgency and everybody is talking about it,” he said. “There are these sessions and workshops but no one is really moving forward with any of the solutions.

“He said the penalty is serious is measures are not adapted soon.”If all the younger group is leaving and they are generally well educated, then in the longer term, if this does become a retirement haven and there is no strong young group of people, who is going to pay for all the services that the older people are going to require?” he said. “Our government will be facing a very difficult situation.”

This is a fairly strong criticism of the government that he works for but it is consistent with most stakeholders that are even remotely close to this issue. The Provincial Tories love to meet – round tables, sessions, conferences, committees, etc. but as Milbury says “no one is really moving forward with any of the solutions“.

My advice? Stop all this endless chatter. Stop the empty rhetoric. And go actually do something.