Need to "invest heavily in innovation and creativity"

Two New Brunswick based economists discuss the impact of the rising Canadian dollar on New Brunswick manufacturers in this article.

I won’t summarize the article as you can imagine their conclusions (more equipment/productivity, less reliance on the US market, etc.) but I will show you their conclusion:

“What we are going to see are huge sector shifts in the economy,” he predicts. “My guess is that it will push us further away from manufacturing, especially in rural areas like New Brunswick. It is going to take us coming up with some interesting ideas. We are going to invest heavily in innovation and creativity.”

So, two of the top economists in New Brunswick are concluding that we are going to lose manufacturing jobs in rural New Brunswick. The only way to counter this is ‘interesting ideas’, ‘innovation’ and ‘creativity’.

All you readers out there confident we can get that from our current government?

The manufacturing sector as an economic development driver has been a tenuous proposition for at least the last 20 years. Now add a 90 cent dollar and an 11% increase in electricity and you get a toxic mix.

My guess, the up to now slow depopulation of rural NB is about to step on the gas, so to speak.

You make hay while the sun shines, folks. Not after dark.

Reap what you sow and all that rot.