Leverage, leverage, leverage

Remember how I harp on the importance of using provincial funds to leverage private sector funds (i.e. spend $200M to get an auto plant with a $2 billion investment). Well, I think the same thing applies to the federal government. Check this out:

Federal Government R&D Expenditures Per Capita
By Province (2003/2004)*
Province: Amount:
Prince Edward Island – $181.29
Nova Scotia – 161.07
Newfoundland and Labrador – 156.58
Quebec – 144.68
Ontario – 131.54
Saskatchewan – 118.68
Alberta – 113.58
Manitoba – 102.55
British Columbia – 101.38
New Brunswick – 95.73
*Source: Statistics Canada. Not including the National Capital Region.

Remember that a key plank in the Prosperity Plan is to get New Brunswick to third in Canada for R&D spending per capita. Well, we are not moving in the right direction.

When I talk with folks that should know about this stuff they say that the Feds don’t spend R&D dollars in New Brunswick because there are so few eligible projects (academic, private sector).

So, part of any real R&D strategy should be to find a way to better leverage federal government R&D dollars (after all, they are, by far the largest funder of R&D in Canada).

You know, I don’t mind middle of the pack – but last or second last for almost every statistic I can find is a little disconcerting.

Prosperity for all.