Monthly Labour Market Update

On the surface, January was a good month for New Brunswick’s labour market. In fact, we led the country with a 1% increase in the amount of total employment in the province.

I suspect you will read all the glowing details in the local papers (especially the T&T) so I will spare you that here. However, I will point out a few neat facts:

-There was no growth in full time jobs. All of the new jobs created were part time (a 16% increase). Nationally, full time jobs were up by 2.2%, while part time jobs were only up 0.6%.

Half of the new jobs were in sales and services occupations. The province lost another 3,300 manufacturing jobs (year over year).

-New Brunswick has a considerably higher percentage of health care, public administration, business support jobs but much lower IT, professional services and manufacturing jobs.

-New Brunswick had a 16.8% increase in public administration jobs from Jan 2005 to Jan 2006 and a 5.2% decrease in manufacturing jobs.