The Halifax Times & Transcript

I didn’t see the print copy of the T&T yesterday, but the online version is a bit depressing if you are a New Brunswicker interested in the economic development of our province.

Here’s the top three stories from the online version of the T&T:

Times & Transcript
January 28, 2006
Michelin proceeds with $92M expansion of N.S. tire plant
More offshore oil exploration planned for N.S.
Activist investor’ prepares for $100M shopping spree
Halifax businessman wants to use money to rebuild companies hurt by cost-cuttingWith $100 million tucked away, George Armoyan plans to take his holding company Clarke Inc. (TSX:CKI) on a buying spree, with East Coast mogul John Risley ready to join in.

Now, I am sure that some of you will remind me that I also reported on these stories (two of three) recently in this blog.

But it’s a bit drepressing when the recent economic development stories in New Brunswick include: Business New Brunswick Minister Mesheau suggesting that the RIM project in Halifax was ‘too big’ for New Brunswick or how about the Minister’s comments last week that attracting 1,500 jobs to New Brunswick was going to be ‘very difficult’ or something to that effect.

Then our trusty local paper, the T&T, reams off story after story about economic development in Nova Scotia.

Just for balance, I expect Al Hogan to do another I Love Lord piece on the editorial page in the next few days.

Just for balance.