Tempest in a teapot

I think I’ll just shut down this blog and divert all traffic to Alec Bruce’s Atlantic Canada First blog. He is nice enough to post his Times & Transcript article from January 3 in its totality.

Less talk, more action on economic development
Times & Transcript Down To Business
As published on page C2 on January 3, 2006


I don’t have much to comment on this except he nails it once again. I was in the Miramichi last weekend and beyond the measly government investments over there (older ones the hospital, bridge), I can’t find a single large new private sector project. Oh, to be sure, some of the local retailers have freshened up their buildings and a Wal-Mart even opened up. But I was specifically looking for new non-local services business. And I couldn’t find any. My relatives living there have resigned themselves to the fact that the community is going down.

This should not be the case.

The Quebec government spends $50 million to attract French software company Ubisoft to that province. They then promptly put on job fairs in the Miramichi to attract graduates from the great animation program at the community college to move to Quebec to work.

That, my friends, ain’t right. Somebody should have attracted Ubisoft to the Miramichi. A brand new, 25,000 square foot animation studio in downtown Miramichi would breathe more life into that community that every other nickel they’ve put into health care and other social services.

If they had just taken $10 from every EI cheque issued in the Miramichi over the past 20 years, they would have had more than enough to attract Ubisoft to that pathetic place (my roots run deep there so I say that with a heavy heart).

We can’t keep being the labour market incubator for the rest of Canada. Sooner or later we will have to attract that caliber of company here.

Bravo, Bruce. Keep on preachin’ until Al Hogan shuts you down and at that you can keep up the blog.