Quebec keen to attract Indian investments

I have been saying in this blog that New Brunswick needs to harness the growth of India’s outsourcing market by becoming a ‘nearshore’ partner with Indian firms. I have said that we should be attracting India’s top firms to establish these nearshore facilities in our province.

Well, nobody in New Brunswick is listening but Quebec has gotten the message – most likely not from this blog, however 🙂

Here’s an article that was published in a major Indian newspaper last week:

Quebec keen to attract Indian investments
Sunday, 22 January , 2006, 09:06

Kolkata: The Quebec Premier, Jean Charest, has said his country will focus on enhancing the Indo-Quebec bilateral trade, attracting Indian investment in the largest Canadian province and networking Quebec universities with Indian educational institutions.

Charest, who is the first-ever Quebec Premier to visit India, was in the city in connection with the CII Partnership Summit. He is leading a delegation of 20 industrialists and 15 delegates from Quebec universities.

Reiterating his interests in attracting Indian investment, he specially referred to the Tata group-controlled VSNL, which is in the process of concluding a $240-million acquisition of Teleglobe in Montreal.

Now, several large Indian firms have already established in Ontario. Now Quebec is on the bandwagon.

Will New Brunswick ever get on board?

In the late 1980s, Frank McKenna along with his counterpart in Manitoba were the only provinces aggressively pursuing call centres. By the late 1990s all provinces were.

The message in this is self-evident. New Brunswick has to be in front of the curve – not on the back end.

I have been tracking a number of signs that Indian firms are ready to invest in North America and Europe – some reported on these pages.

I have been tracking that Sweden, South Africa and others have been going to India looking for these types of partnerships.

The signs have been around us for 18 months.

And we are being trumped by Quebec and Ontario.

Welcome to economic development in New Brunswick circa 2006.