New Year’s Resolution

This blog has been up and running for about 15 months give or take. There are a few hundred return readers and a few thousand that have visited the site since its inception.

So, in an effort to do my little part, I resolve to keep it up in 2006. You may not always agree with me. You may rightly point out errors and omissions. But we’ll keep talking. We’ll keep debating. And we’ll know that a few watchful eyes are reading that have a hand in shaping policy.

So, I’ll keep up the pressure on Al Hogan to challenge the government in the area of economic development. He may never change his mind but at least a few people will be challenging him.

I’ll keep up the pressure on the Premier – whoever that is – to take economic development seriously.

I’ll continue to report on economic matters that you never read about in the local media – statistics, demographics, issues of relevance. They will have my decidedly biased slant – but you always read this blog with that filter in place.

I’ll use this forum to challenge the top, young journalists in this province – the Poitras, the Hrabluks, the Bruce’s and the others who have intelligently covered these issues to keep it up. To demand proof from any government official talking about prosperity. To demand proof when the government talks about all the ‘innovation’ that is going on. To demand proof when we are told that we are in the best economy in the past 30 years. To cast a fair, but skeptical eye, when government claims don’t square with on the ground realities.

And I’ll use this forum most of all to expound on my personal passion – New Brunswick’s desperate need to become a lightening rod for international investment. For this province to attract top, global companies to set up small operations here. Small by global standards but with a huge impact on this province.

And at the end of 2006 we will most likely be hammering the same themes. Complaining about the same lack of effort.

But I’ll have some fun doing it.