Going to a funeral

“Look it”, “Fundamentally,” “Let me tell you,” “,” “This is an absolute priority.”
-Paul Martin
This isn’t a blog about politics but I guess I can give myself a little leeway.
I’m no fan of Paul Martin. I think the Libs need a change and the only way to get that is through defeat.
But even I am beginning to think the media is against the soon-to-be-former PM.
I just listened to As It Happens and the interviewer just peppered Mr. Dithers with rapid fire criticisms and he even evoked Paul Martin Sr. and insinuated that he (the former) would not ‘say anything’ just to be elected (like Jr.).
Sheesh. Pick up the Globe. Peruse the Post. Read the Telegraph-Journal for goodness sake. And don’t mention the Toronto Star – the last great bastion of Liberalism with a big ‘L’ – Chantal Hebert has been writing the most savage commentary of all.
In the end, Paul Martin may have deserved it. He may have set the media up with over the top rhetoric about fixing the democratic deficit and health care for a generation and maturing the US relationship, etc. But to see this almost freakish show where he blurts out “I’ll scrap the notwithstanding clause” in a debate in the same manner you might say we’re promising more money for health care and the media gleefully pouncing.
And to make matters worse for Martin, instead of targeting the Conservatives, the NDP are putting 90% of their effort into hammering the Libs. Check out www.ndp.ca sometime. Here’s their latest gimmick:

The Great Paul Martin Credibility Hunt
We’re giving away return airfare and hotel accommodation to any country Paul Martin used to avoid Canadian taxes, labour laws and environmental regulations – while he was finance minister – by flying other countries’ flags on his ships. From Barbados to tiny Vanuatu in the South Pacific to human-rights-abusive Liberia, Paul Martin’s company wandered the globe to find flags of convenience to fly. And if you can prove his values are more than convenient, too, you’re going on vacation to see for yourself. We’ll be announcing the winner on Friday, January 20.

Sorry for the rant. Hope Harper turns out to be a thoughtful PM that takes regional development – particularly Atl. Canada – seriously. Hope there is some critical thinking about old policies that have been more or less in place for 30 years. Hope somebody looks at the successful economic development stories in Canada and they says how can we do that in Atl. Canada.

For PM (name or professional initials), I hope he goes out with dignity. Hopefully, most people will remember him for being a good finance minister. Hopefully, Mr. Dithers will be relegated to the dustbin of our collective history.