Dispatches from the road: Quebec City

I’m in Quebec to see a client.

First point. Don’t always trust MapQuest.com. I downloaded directions and ended up on the other side of the city from my hotel.

Second point. Who is Gilles Duceppe? Driving through Quebec in riding after riding there would be a few token signs showing the local BQ candidate and three times and many large billboards with a hunk-like Gilles Duceppe. I seem to recall in the mid 1990s Liberal signs in New Brunswick where the candidates were pictured with Frank McKenna but I can’t remember an election where the Federal leader was the lead candidate at the local level.

Third point. I drove through the heart of Maine from Bangor to Quebec and I have to admit (you know me by now) I began to look for new housing. There were dozens of little towns. Maybe thousands of houses all through there (a 130+ mile drive) but I couldn’t find a single new house. Come to think of it, I don’t remember seeing a house built in the last 20 years from outside Saint John through Saint Stephen through to Bangor and over to Quebec.

Now, I didn’t drive off the main road but still……

Some time in our history, something -some economic activity necessitated the building of hundreds of rural towns all over Atlantic Canada, Maine, Quebec – heck everywhere.

But what about now?