Conspiracy theory and job creation

For me one of the best measurements of the growth of an economy is the increase in total employment in a community or province. This is more relevant in an area such as New Brunswick which has high unemployment (third highest rate in Canada), a low employment rate (third lowest in Canada) and continuing out-migration of people.

I have been contending (based Statistics Canada data) that New Brunswick’s job creation rate has been among the worst in Canada in recent years. Government officials constantly talk about ‘record job growth’ and prosperity. In fact, Premier Lord said in October we were headed for the best job growth in 30 years (or some variation on that theme).

Well, the year end numbers came out today. I have placed them in a pdf file for your view. These figures take into account the revisions made by Stats Canada that were used to throw water on my previous estimates:

So according to downloadable, Statistics Canada data, NB’s employment growth from 1999 to 2005 was 7.6% – well below Nova Scotia and PEI as well as most other provinces. Also, from 2002 to 2005, employment growth was the worst in Canada.

Now, what do you bet the provincial press release on this will have a different set of numbers? That’s why I put up the unvarnished, unedited direct from Stats Can data.

I report, you decide.