Ask and ye shall receive

A poster to this blog wanted to know more about where the jobs were being created in New Brunswick. While I can’t afford to purchase the whole data set from Stats Can, I was able to pull off a few sectors of interest.

As we discussed before, there have been just under 25,000 incremental jobs in the six years since the Conservatives took power. This is the third worst growth rate in Canada. In addition, approximately 13,000 of those jobs were created directly with tax payers funds (education/health care). An additional 3,400 were created in retail which doesn’t give you much. But the disturbing data around manufacturing and IT jobs continues. Manufacturing employment is down 8% since 1999 and IT jobs (why NAICS lumps IT with culture and recreation is beyond me) are down approximately 6%. Now the interesting and sad reality is that there were almost 100,000 more Canadians employed in this sector from 1999 to 2005 – one of the best performing sectors in the country – and NB actually lost jobs.

Tell me this. If you have tepid job growth, propped up by significant public sector hirings and are witnessing decline in manufacturing and IT jobs, what does that mean?


Employment Growth (000s)

Source: Statistics Canada.

Employment Growth/Decline (000s)
Industry: Information, culture and recreation
(% increase/decrease from 1999 to 2005)

Source: Statistics Canada.