Where’s the No Spin Zone?

I remember during the last US election, a group (I can’t remember the name) monitored the media for bias – left or right and reported its results. They essentially looked at each article or interview/program and then rated it either pro-Democrat or pro-Republican. Fox News was gleeful to find out they were the most ‘balanced’ in their coverage – which probably goes to the problems with methodology but that’s another story.

I think this would be an interesting exercise in Canada – particularly New Brunswick. Now we all know that the Times & Trashscript would be 100% pro-Progressive Conservative but what about the Telegraph-Journal? The Daily Gleaner? L’acadie Nouvelle? How about the CBC? How about the blogsphere (although we would have to remove Charles Leblanc as he would skew or skewer the results)?

My sense is that the TJ is quite balanced – although in fairness they have been quite critical of the provincial government on a few specific SJ-related issues. The Daily Gleaner – I read fairly regularly and can’t get a read. The CBC – take away Bennet Environmental – they seem to be fairly balanced. Obviously, when there is not an election going on the shots will be fired more at the government as they are in power. But I think it would be interesting.

Even during the Federal campaign.

Who would do this?