"We Say" slip of the tongue

Somebody once speculated that the “We Say” segment of the Times & Trashscript was written by different people. At first I was skeptical of this as every, and I mean every, editorial about the provincial government and the Premier was extremely positive to the point that it looks like many of them are vetted by the Premier’s Office.

Anyway, today’s We Say discusses the rising property values in Moncton and then tacks on the very end:

All in all Metro Moncton simply cannot be ignored any more – it is vital to the province.

This is not Al Hogan writing – no way. I’d put 20 bucks on it. I even think that Al must be on vacation to let that slip through. Ignored any more? 30 straight editorials about how well Moncton is being treated by the Lord government and this little phrase slips in.

I don’t believe it. Al, you should check in from the road to ensure your team is falling in line.