‘We give it six months’

This week’s Macleans has a segment entitled ‘We give it six months’ referring to thing that won’t last six months in the opinion of the newly renovated magazine editors. For example, the Stephen Harper/Jack Layton marriage or the treaty between David Letterman and Oprah Winfrey.

Also in this illustrious list is our Premier, Bernard Lord. Apparently, Macleans only gives him ‘six months’ and in their description they say ‘six months may be a generous estimate’.

Now I don’t know if they are speaking literally or metaphorically but you have to wonder how a politician can fall from grace so quickly. Just 12-18 months ago he was the great white hope for the Tory party now everyone from the Globe’s Simpson to the Star’s Hebert to Macleans is dissing him.

34% approval rating in New Brunswick (the Tory party) and now losing the national lustre.

Kinda makes one feel sad for one time next Great One.

But timing is everything in politics and his time might still come.