Time for the Liberal’s plan

OK. It’s 4 am and I am in my brother’s office in Miramichi. We have been sleeping out in a tent at Sheephouse Falls – an hour from nowhere. After 6 hours in the tent and freezing our arses, we have taken a reprieve before going back out for breakfast over the fire.

Any hoo.

Angus Reid has published info on the Corporate Research Associates poll that shows 47 per cent of respondents in NB would vote for the Liberals in the next legislative election, up seven points since September. 34 per cent of respondents would support the Tories in the next ballot, while 12 per cent would vote for the New Democratic Party of Allison Brewer.

Maybe it’s time for Shawn Graham to tell us his plan for the economy so we can begin to ‘debate’ it.

Cuz it looks like he might sit in the big chair real soon.