The lion, the witch and the wardrobe

I took the kids to see the new movie The lion, the witch and the wardrobe last night. Although the target audience for this is 10 year olds, I did find it entertaining.

But the question that I had after watching this is, what will they say about this time in New Brunswick’s history 50 years from now?

Will it be the time we finally cast off the ‘have not’ image and became an economic growth story? What will they say of the political and community leaders of this time?

Will anybody remember the rangling over a few more dollars for health care?

Or will this chapter in our history fade as most of the others – a province slipping deeper into the hole? One who’s biggest export continues to be its people.

As I wizened old man holed up in Florida 50 years from now, will I still be blogging about the problems or will I be blogging about how we achieved some things?

Who knows? Only time will tell.