Sometimes people aren’t as stupid as politicians think

The biggest move, by far, that the Conservative government has made in their seven years in power was the elimination of the toll highway. That cost us $600 million in capital and somthing like $60 million per year in lost revenue and increased interest payments.

I hammered this drum alot saying that this decision was among the worst they made as it relegated northern New Brunswick to two-lane highways for at least another 20 years when if he hadn’t made that bonehead move, we would be paving the fourlanes to the Acadian Peninsula as I pen this blog (that’s my opinion) opening up that region to increased potential.

Well, now it looks like at least a few NBers agree. According to a new poll in the TJ today the top failure of the Premier is considered to be health care followed by – you guessed it – eliminating the toll highway.

Sometimes, I am not as dumb as I look (let’s put that whole Saint John Harbour prediction out to pasture).

PS – Why is the TJ commissioning polls on how people view the Premier and publishing mostly negative findings? Maybe Al Hogan over at the T&T should commission a poll and publish good findings – just for balance.