My little contribution to the cause

Metro joins ranks of major centres
Statistics Canada listing will have numerous advantages for Moncton area
By Mary Moszynski
Times & Transcript Staff

Moncton’s presence as a major business player on the national stage will receive a major boost in 2006 as Statistics Canada will officially recognize the city as a metropolitan in the upcoming census.

Planning for next year’s census is underway and following the compilation of the statistics, a new, more detailed sketch of Moncton will be available than in past censuses.

That’s because this is the first year, under Statistics Canada’s terms, that Moncton will be officially recognized as a Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) rather than a census agglomeration. “It’s something that Moncton has been lobbying for quite some time,” said Ian Moore, a manager in the geography division of Statistics Canada.

I count this among one of the few contributions that I made to the Greater Moncton area. To be sure my role was undoubtedly minimal but I spent a lot of time making the case to convert Moncton from a CA to a CMA. I battled with one of Statistics Canada’s top statisticians – more accurately I locked him in a room and we rolled up our sleeves. I got the issue raised by Senator Robertson on the floor of Canada’s Senate. I lobbied hard.

And they changed the threshold for the definition of a CMA area which means that Moncton is included.

You see, being a CMA means being listed as part of Canada’s top urban areas. It means much more frequent reporting of relevant data. It provides companies looking to locate here with much more up to date information on the community.

I got interested in this when a leading consultant from the US told me that his clients only look at ‘metro’ areas when they are considering expansion.

Well, we are now a ‘metro’, folks.

You’re welcome.