Lord rolling the dice

I talked before about the difference between good politics and good policy. Our Premier had decided to be the most significant national spokesperson against Paul Martin in this election. Not binns. Not Hamm. Not Williams. Our guy.

He fired harsh words and neat sound bites on the CBC, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, Ottawa Sun, Halifax Herald, Calgary Herald, Vancouver Sun, all the Irving papers, etc.

If the Liberals get back in how exactly will this help relations between the province/Feds? I know that if the Libs get back in it will accelerate Premier Lord’s federal ambitions but I am not sure what it will do for ours.

Politics is partisan. What’s new. But for our Premier to be at the fore of the public attempts to bring down the Liberals is, I think, in bad taste and will only deepen the mistrust and bad relations between the two levels of government.

For the province’s sake, the Tories will need to win or else we will be blacklisted.

For the Premier’s sake, the Liberals will need to win or else Lord’s federal ambitions are in jeopardy.

What a pickle.