Let the blogging begin

Ok, a bunch of you have lamented the lack of discourse in the blogosphere related to economic development in this fine province. So, by popular demand, I have compiled a little list of blogs in cyberspace that at least touch on the issues that we are talking about here. Bookmark and add your voice to the debate. I urge you to add any more that you might know of that I have not come across.

Atlantic Canada First
Alec Bruce is a journalist and writes about economic issues and he has an edge that you just might enjoy (if you read mine on a semi regular basis). Here’s a quote from a recent blog:

After years of speculation, the Lord government has finally unveiled the central plank of its long-term economic development agenda: timidity.

Bruce’ll keep the pols on their toes, je pense.

Atlantic Insight, by southeast New Brunswick’s W.E.(Bill) Belliveau
I don’t know Bill but I know his brothers and they are a bright and witty bunch. On occasion in his print column, he has been known to rebuke and reward those who make good decisions related to the economy.

Local Moncton Web – David Jonah
David is my ‘old man of the mountain’ imparting great wisdom every time we converse. 99% of the time he is right on the money and his blog is probably more on the tangible side than mine.

The Sorry Centrist – Anonymous
Politically focused, the Sorry Centrist will delve into economic issues on occasion. I think he is trying to influence the Tory masses to get smarter about ED in New Brunswick.

New Brunswick Politics – Anonymous
Seems to be Saint John-centric and Liberal leaning but does provide coverage of economic issues when the intersect with politics. Watch out, though. Some pretty savage commentary on the curent NB administration once in a while.

Charles LeBlanc ADHD Activist
Mr. LeBlanc’s stated mission is to raise awareness of ADHD in New Brunswick but he has morphed the blog into a personal tirade against our Premier. I include it here because I am told it’s the most read NB-based blog. In addition, there are always neat photoshopped images of our Premier in awkward situations.

Vive New Brunswick – Anonymous
Not exactly a blog but it does get updated on a regular basis. Interesting commentary on economic issues from the left.

Julie BĂ©langer’s blog (en francais)
I don’t know who she is but I like her style. For anglos, punch her stuff through the Google translator – you’ll get the message.

Please let me know what I am missing!

PS – no political or paid partisan blogs, please. I’m looking for the community of bloggers that want to address the economic malaise that has dominated this province for decades.