Hrabluk: The new face of dissent?

It seems like just a few weeks ago I was criticizing Lisa Hrabluk as someone who blandly wrote up what she was told by government press releases and officials at the Premier’s Office.

Not anymore. She has taken the gloves off before but now she has taken off just about everything.

Somebody sent me her recent column in the TJ:

Lisa Hrabluk
The Telegraph-Journal

Message to the premier:
It’s about people
It’s time for the premier to face facts about his government’s popularity
Ten seats. That is the number some very worried provincial Progressive Conservatives think they’ll be lucky to be left with in 2007 if Premier Bernard Lord doesn’t quickly change his approach to politics.

And that was the talk before this past week’s poll. With the Liberals under Shawn Graham leading the Lord-led Tories by an approval of 47 per cent to 34 per cent, party members are worried that the political capital Mr. Lord hoarded in his first term is all but gone.

Left in its place is a surly electorate, unimpressed with the premier’s quiet ways and methodical approach to governing.

It is the Progressive Conservative Party’s own fault.

It may be that the media is about to turn on Lord they way they turned on ol’ Camille. If/when they do, Bernie better call up his old pal Mulroney and polish up the resume. The polls turned almost 20 points on Camille when the media turned really sour during the 1999 campaign. With the Tories already down to 34% and a relatively free ride in the media – any turn in coverage could drop the Tories into negative territory – if that is even possible.