Halifax on a roll

Is it just me or is Halifax on a roll right now?

I just read that Bermuda-based West End Capital Services is adding 50 more jobs to their Halifax office. Jobs paying between $70K and $80K per year. West End is a financial services firm.

Memo to Premier Lord: When you get done talking today about all the prosperity you have heaped on New Brunswick, maybe you had better start working the phones and actually go find some. Already, Nova Scotia’s employment growth has been double New Brunswick’s since 1999 and with the rash of new job announcements – expect that differential to grow.

Premier’s response:

Isn’t that a tad unrealistic what with all the national image polishing activities – where’s a Premier find time spend in the gutter trying to convince companies to locate in the province?

Come on. There are much bigger fish to fry that wasting time in little ol’ NB. I’ll take the time to throw some more Equalization your way when I become grand poobah of this great land.