The Christmas election

It looks like were in for an election sometime in the new year. Already, this is being dubbed as a ‘Christmas’ election in the hopes that a few people may vote against the instigators.

Here’s what I will be looking for before I cast my vote.

The party that articulates the clearest vision for economic development in Atlantic Canada.

The party that agrees that government, as representative of us, must play an active role in economic development.

The party that will cast aside old models that clearly haven’t worked.

The party that will agree that we need to attract and support the development of new industries in Atlantic Canada to replace those that are declining.

The party that will say “if it’s good enough for Ontario and Quebec, it’s good enough for Atlantic Canada” (read: the massive industrial development spending on auto, aero, etc.)

The party that will agree that rural decline is not inevitable – that we need to spend a lot more effort on community renewal and a lot less on ‘easing the decline’.

The party that will not sugar coat the extent of the problems in Atlantic Canada. Pretending things are getting better belies the seriousness of the problems.

Think any of the parties will agree to my conditions?

Me neither.

But it felt good getting it out there anyway.