Redux: Don’t let the door hit you on the arse on your way out

Want to know the difference between the three provinces that are in population decline? Only one doesn’t admit it. Saskatchewan has made population decline its top issue. Newfoundland and Labrador seems to discuss it ad nauseum. However, that pesky province, New Brunswick is pretending it doesn’t exist. Premier Lord recently said that job growth in 2005 would be the best in 30 years! Margaret Ann Blaney chipped in “We are very encouraged!”.


The Premier, it seems, has spent a lot to time in/with Manitoba in his mandate signing agreements and going on joint trade missions. However, Manitoba is going up and NB is going down. He would be well advised to figure out why. New Brunswick hasn’t seen a 7,400 person population growth since 1976 – 30 years ago, folks.