Ontario/Canadian government investing $635 million in GM

From the National Post:

The GM job cuts will not affect the Ontario government’s plan to invest $435-million in the company as part of a project to upgrade the infrastructure and research capacities of the automaker’s plants in the province.

The federal government is contributing $200-million to the $2.5-billion project, with the remainder coming from GM.

Phew. You think Premier Lord and Paul Martin will ever get together and invest $635 million into one company in New Brunswick?

Don’t forget, GM is supposedly investing $1.9 billion into that project.

Wanna bet New Brunswick will get a few more bucks for ‘innovation’ or some other abstract concept?

I’ll take the $635 million for a semiconductor plant. Or an aerospace plant. Or an auto plant (I hear KIA’s in the market but that’ll go to Ontario, no doubt).