On culture

Interesting statistic out today from Stats Canada on cultural spending – check that – on goverment spending on culture. Cultural industries include broadcasting, the film and video industry, book and periodical publishing, the sound recording industry, libraries and ‘heritage’.

The report finds that cultural spending in New Brunswick is down over last year. But the most interesting statistic here is that the feds spend $75/per capita in NB on cultural industries and $125/head in NS and $139/head on PEI.

Now, you know how annoyed I get when the R&D data comes out each year and shows NB at the bottom of the pile for federal spending – but this is the last straw :-).

Here’s an idea. Let’s take the $48 million the Feds don’t spend in New Brunswick (hey, don’t rub your eyes – take the PEI number of $139 minus the NB number of $75 and you get $64. Multiply $64 by 750k NBers and you get $48 million) compared to PEI and start a new newspaper!

We’ll call it the the Real Observer or something cheeky like that. Heck, for $48 million we could do it bilingual.

What do ya think? Think the feds will give us that $48M to start a paper that actually questions numbers like this?