Old Russian Joke

Alberta’s economic prosperity has translated into virtually every area of life in that province. From the highest rates of literacy and numeracy and the best educational test scores to among the highest rates of charitable giving, Alberta is booming. Here’s a few stats just from the last week:

*Has the highest rates of literacy and numeracy among the 10 provinces (so much for the hick theory)

*Led the country in Real GDP growth last year (4.3% compared to 2% in NB)

*Led the country in the growth of building permits ($) – up 41% compared to last year (Jan to Sept)

*Has an unemployment rate of 4% compared to 11% in New Brunswick (October seasonally adjusted rate)

*Had a 14% increase in the amount of money donated to charities. in 2004 (NB had a 3.2% increase – only Quebec worse)

There’s an old Russian joke that comes to mind when viewing all the success in Alberta:

A farmer’s cow dies. The great spirit grants him one wish. And what is his wish? “Let my neighbor’s cow drop dead, too.”

I’m choking on this one but I’ll resist my Soviet tendencies and not begrudge our friends in Alberta any of their success.