An unfortunate immigration story

As you know, everyone and their sister is talking up the need for immigration in Atlantic Canada. It has taken on the stature that ‘clusters’ had ten years ago. Even John Ibbitson, Mr. Six Cities Canada, says in his latest book that the Federal government should massively expand immigration into Atlantic Canada. Go figure. I thought Ibbitson wanted to shut down the Maritimes.

Anyway, there is talk about ‘integrating’ immigrants into the community. This is key, they say. Well, I think we need to ‘integrate’ New Brunswickers into a multicultural setting.

Here’s a quick story. A young couple come to UNB to study from a Latin American country. Their mother and father miss them and decide to move to Canada to be near the kids. They set up a restaurant in Fredericton. But times are tough and the numbers don’t seem to add up. It seems that he is buying way too much inventory for the sales.

So, he begins to suspect the Canadian workers and he sets up a Web cam in the restaurant. So, the Canadians were pocketing cash, stealing food and other fun stuff while this genteman watched from his vacation in Latin America. He came back, fired that crew, got more and had the same problems. These people apparently would fill up a garbage bag with good food – fruits, vegetables, meat, etc. and then take it out with the other garbage and take it with them when they left – all caught on the Web cam.

Long story short, the immigrant ended up with serious health problems due to stress and him and his wife moved back to Latin America.

Now, I know you will say this is an isolated case – and I agree. But if there are Canadians who think they can take advantage of an immigrant because their English is bad or some such thing, then I think we have a problem.

Imagine leaving a third world country full of corruption only to be bilked and cheated in Canada.

Shame on somebody.