A turbulent story

A somewhat strange story in the Telegraph-Journal today. It begins by stating that the CEO of the Saint John airport is aggressively pursuing new routes – direct US connections, etc. The it goes on to interview two Saint Johners, one Rotman expert and a former SJ airport CEO all basically insinutating or blatantly stating that folks should just drive to Fredericton or Moncton for flights other than Halifax or Toronto.

Remember my previous blog? Consolidate international and other air traffic destinations that need critical mass not provided by one city but by all means have direct flights from SJ to Toronto or where else when the volume is there.

But you and I know local politics. Every Saint Johner could be perfectly happy to travel to Fredericton to get on that Delta flight to Boston – but NB’s old time rivalry must continue. SJ will fight to the end for its international flight – and may end up getting it.

My grandmother used to say (when the kids were fighting) – “fight, fight, I hate peace!” revealing a well honed Miramichi sense of irony.

Ditto, Fredericton, Moncton, Saint John.