The gift that keeps on giving

Chicago-based Virtual-Agent Services (VAS) announced yesterday that it has established its twelfth customer care location in the Village of Rogersville, New Brunswick. The centre is expected to create up to 40 full-time jobs for local area residents within its first year of operation. The provincial government is providing the company a forgivable loan in the amount of $7,500 per created job. In addition, the government is spending $300,000 on facilities for the firm.

I had the privilege of being involved with the attraction of VAS initially back in the 1990s. Now they have small call centres all over rural New Brunswick.

And though I applaud the current government for supporting this firm’s growth, it is another example of a firm that was brought here under the McKenna years and has grown substantially since arriving.

My question is where are the VAS’s that have come in under the current administration? They can only milk McKenna’s efforts for so long…..