Least Internet connections, it’s true

A colleague of mine commented that he thought it was impossible that New Brunswick could have the lowest connectivity to the Internet. Impossible, he said.

Well, I go by Statistics Canada. 53.3% of households in New Brunswick access the Internet from ‘any location’ compared to 59.4% on PEI, 63.1% in Nova Scotia, and, yes, 563.% in Newfoundland.

Click here for the facts.

Them’s the facts, folks. I know, I know. You are saying what about Premier Lord’s eNB initiative? It was supposed to bring the benefits of the Internet to all New Brunswickers.

Smoke and mirrors, my friends. We should know by now that you can’t just ‘say’ things. You have to back it up with funding and actual effort. We are going to be ‘third’ in Canada for R&D spending. No, we are still last. We are going to be ‘third’ in Canada for educational outcomes (standardized test scores). No, we are still second last.