Lagging Atlantic Canada

You know, I am not so much bothered by Alberta kicking NB’s arse on economic stats or even Ontario and British Columbia. After all, they have been the strongest economies in Canada for years.

No, it’s this constant hammering by PEI, Nova Scotia and even in many cases Newfoundland that bothers me. Consider the latest data on residential construction investment in Canada (as shown in the chart below). On a per capita basis, residential construction investment in New Brunswick was the lowest of all four Atl. Canadian provinces.

Other notable ‘hits’ include:
*PEI and Nova Scotia are well ahead of New Brunswick for job creation (employment growth) in the past 5-7 years.
*Newfoundland recently passed New Brunswick for the percentage of people that access the Internet from home. NB has the dubious distinction of now have the lowest % of homes connected to the Internet in Canada. Sheesh, so much for eNB and access for all.
*PEI and Nova Scotia have significantly higher employment rates than New Brunswick.

New Brunswick should be able, at least, to compete with other Atlantic Canadian provinces….