Withdrawal from the T&T: for my health

I think I am going to stop reading the Times & Transcript. I know, I know. It’s where I get a lot of the content for this blog but reading it day after day, week in week out, I am getting pretty depressed.

Either Al Hogan is forgeting to cover absolutely critical stories about economic matters or he is writing them up in such a way as to either confuse or stupify people.

Consider his editorial today:

Lord should not be bullied
Premier must continue to stand firm in fight for federal money

Now, isn’t that an oxymoron. When was the last time you beat someone over the head until they gave you money?

Everybody whos has followed this stuff at all over the past six years knows that the Premier and his government has taken a very aggressive and arrogant stance in Fed/Prov relationships. Now, he wants to smooth things over? Come’on. It’ll take more than the realization by Percy Mockler that the Fed tap has been turned off to turn it on again.

Al goes on:

Lord rejected all these federal dollars “…..because they don’t fully understand the nuances and peculiar needs of that issue in New Brunswick.”

Can’t have your cake and eat it, Al.

Newsflash for the world’s worst editor:

New Brunswick is a poor province.
We need the money from the Feds.
We need to be extra nice to get it.
Stop providing the Premier such terrible advice.
We have lost out on tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars because of that arrogant posture propped up by the ‘We Say’ segment of the T&T.

Let’s try it for awhile. I’ll purposely not read the T&T for a few weeks. The content on these pages will undoubtedly get a whole lot more cheery – at least as cheery as I can get…..