Robert Irving for Premier

If you have been reading my comments regarding ‘young’ Premiers in New Brunswick, you will know that this trend has disturbed me over the years. Why do we need to elect young, unexperienced lawyers and then ask them to oversee a multi-billion dollar, highly complex organization such as a provincial government? To make matters worse they tend to select their key ‘management’ team by political affiliation and loyalty rather than competency. So you end up with an inexperienced (albeit charismatic, good looking, bilingual, et. al.) leader and a bunch of politically motivated folks running this incredibly important organization.

I have called for the parties to choose a more experienced leader. We have gone with the teenyboppers for the past 30+ years and it has paralleled the province’s slow but steady decline.

So, after much deliberation, I put forward Robert Irving, one heir to the Irving empire and President of Majesta, Midland, Cavendish, the Wildcats, etc.

*Previous experience running multi-million dollar businesses. In fact, under Robert’s leadership these companies have grown strongly and even acquired national brands.
*Previous experience managing hundreds, maybe several thousand, employees.
*Experience managing complex issues in complex times.
*Financial management issues – managing a profitable, hundreds of millions in revenue, organization.
*He’s young but not too young.
*He’s internationally connected.

*He is not nearly as charismatic as the current Premier
*He is not bilingual like the current Premier
*He most likely has no interest in the job, unlike the current Premier

But I still think we should develop a ‘Draft Robert’ campaign. It doesn’t matter which party. There is little differentiation between the two these days anyway.

Imagine. A successful and internationally savvy business leader taking the helm of the provincial government. No more diapers. No more uncertainly. No more lack of clarity. No more timidity. No more of that cursed ‘smoke and mirrors’ that is put up. More straight talk about the state of the union.

And think about it. Al Hogan would onside for obvious reasons.

I can only dream….

2 thoughts on “Robert Irving for Premier

  1. I must take objection to these comments and the suggestion that one of the despised and evil brained Irvings should become a premiere of this province. The Irving Family has an ugly history of stamping all over the underclasses, buying up crown land and clear-cutting down all of the trees, changing the laws to what will benefit them, creating more urban sprawl because of huge layoffs, breaking the unions, begging the government for millions of dollars to build Saint John Shipbuilding, then asking for the same to close it down, outsourcing every high ranking job in the company, paying low wages, charging the highest gas prices in the country, lowering gas prices so low that they killed any competition and finally, crippling the city of Saint John into dust, the very town that K.C. started the business, leaving it the virtual ghost town that it is. If you asked the public what should really happen to the Irvings, you would not be able to print here what they would do to them!

  2. The ‘despised and evil brained Irvings’ employ something like 20,000 people in New Brunswick. What’s the alternative? Give me an option? You are quick and witty on the criticism but offer no solutions.

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