Play in your weight class

Just a quick blog today on the TJ’s article NB Minister says relations with Ottawa at new low. In it, Percy Mockler ‘lashes’ out at the Feds for acting like they are in ‘kindergarten’.

Now, arrogance to me is an interesting thing. The New Brunswick government is utterly reliant on the Federal government for its ability to even run basic government services. Yet it has chosen to put politics ahead of pragmatism and has taken a ridiculously arrogant stance on just about every file. Consider Lepreau – give us the money, or else. Consider childcare. “The PM can come down if he wishes, but we won’t be there to greet him”, the government’s PR lackey said. The list goes on and on. How about my personal favorite. They left Federal money in the joint Regional Economic Development Agreement – they could have spent it but they didn’t.

When you are the poor son on welfare, you can’t act like a horse’s arse. Alberta can. Ontario can. British Columbia can. But NB can’t.

Percy would be well service to fall prostrate on his knees and beg forgiveness. Or else the litany of reprisals will continue.

Bet on it.