Need to get on the map

A few day ago I wrote a blog on the issue of presence in the United States. That very few people even know where Atlantic Canada is let alone its business environment and potential. I further made the case for raising our profile among business leaders there.

Well, another little example of this ignorance about Atlantic Canada. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette did a survey last week to determine if people knew where Nova Scotia, the birthplace of their new hockey star (Sidney Crosby), was. A full 58% of of Pittsburghers had no idea where Nova Scotia was. Some thought it was in Maine. But the funniest thing of all was the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s reponse to this lack of geographic understanding:

“… Now, admit it. A good 57.9 percent of you didn’t know your Nova Scotia from your focaccia until the Penguins lucked out and landed the hockey player of the millennium, Sidney Crosby of Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. If you’re geographically handicapped, Nova Scotia is a beautiful island northeast of Maine …”

The Island of Nova Scotia. Has a nice ring to it.