I can’t believe it’s not butter!

You know the old advertisment. Some chintzy guy or gal eating that fake, plastic looking, can’t-cook-with-it butter spread saying “I can’t believe it’s not butter!”.

Well I can’t believe our provincial government. With plant closures happening monthly now. With one of the worst job creation records among all provinces and states in North America and with the prospect of even further old economy job cuts in the near future, out government is focused everywhere else but economic development. Consider Premier Lord’s last four funding requests to the Federal government:

  • More equalization
  • More health care dollars
  • Money for Lepreau’s refurbishment
  • Now, more education dollars.

Somebody should gently tell the Premier that if we keep on the same economic development path, there will be nobody left to go to the educational institutions he wants more Federal pogie for.

Sheesh. Go to Ottawa. Tell them that New Brunswick’s economy is in serious trouble. Ask them to work with you to fix it by attracting significant new industries in to replace the ones that are leaving. If you want more Federal money, use it for economic development.

Simple enough, right? Wrong.