Compassion when it matters

Welfare gets a bad rap – even in these pages sometimes. But I have to be clear – I don’t dislike welfare programs – in fact I believe you can judge the soul of a society by how it treats the poorest of its citizens.

So it disturbs me when I read a blog like this kid:

Without third party verification, it seems as if the welfare system in New Brunswick, at least in this case, has led to an awful outcome.

For people that really need help (and it seems this family fits the bill), welfare should be given freely and openly without degrading or humiliating people. Social workers should be helpers not police looking for any opportunity to cut costs.

The underlying issue here is that a chronically poor economy has pushed a lot of folks onto welfare and recurring EI (same as welfare in my opinion).

We need to get our economy moving again so that we can have a properly functioning welfare system – one that’s there for folks that need it.