BNB’s got KRAs

Let me say right off that I like Business New Brunswick. The dozen or so folks that I have come in contact there are pretty cool and most have a good understanding of economic development and what needs to be done to get the province’s economy back on track.

But then I got a chance to read BNB’s plan – I guess it’s the strategic plan – for the department. And it’s got KRAs. Yes. That’s right. Key Result Areas (KRAs).

That’s what BNB really needs. Some management consultant-written strat plan that binds everyone to meaningless KRAs while the province’s economy goes down the toilet.


Give me 20 guys and gals that are bursting with passion. Guys and gals that lay awake at night wondering how they are going to fix our economic problems. Guys and gals that sweat up their pillows worrying about what kind of place we are leaving our kids. Guys and gals that sprint into work each morning at the Centennial Building with a spring in their step. Guys and gals that smile after the 20th rejection from hours of cold calling companies because they hope against hope that the 21st will say yes to New Brunswick. Guys and gals that can’t wait to get on the plane to New Delhi, Bangalore, Auckland or Paris to tell someone, anyone, about New Brunswick and why they should set up their business here. Guys and gals with such an infectuous passion that company’s would be crazy not to take a look at New Brunswick.

Keep your KRAs and your 200 workers in straight jackets walking around like zombies. Keep your eNB. Your ‘Innovation Foundation’. Keep your small business tax cuts. Keep the smoke and mirrors. We need a few fired up guys and gals to get out there outside New Brunswick and convince the biggest and best global, 21st century firms to setup in our province. To invest in our people the way that the 20th century Bowaters, Norandas, Tembecs, etc. did.

A few Frank McKennas. How ’bout a few more Mike Walleys? You know the former marketing director at the Airport. When he heard CanJet was expanding he immediately drove down to Ken Rowe’s office and waited in the lobby without an appointment until Ken would see him. CanJet set up in Moncton and now they’ve expanded.