Al misses an opportunity

Just when you think you know a guy. After reading the front page story in the Times & Transcript about the Auditor General slamming the government for being far to secretive, I suspected Al Hogan would write an editorial (We Say) critizing the AG for politicizing the office and affirming the openness, transperency and overall loveliness of the provincial government.

After all, after a cabinet minister was found to be in voliation of the Legislature’s privacy rules, he said that the ‘real issue’ was the Liberals trying to smear the lily white Tories. And when some journalist suggested their may be some inappropriate behaviour when the government gives millions in contracts to the same ad. firm that did the Tories election campaign (with no tendering), Al again was aghast. And if you go a little further back, when there was criticism of Lord for some inappropriate and maybe even racial comments in the Legislature, Al was again horrified and literally wrote a defense of the Premier as an honest man of integrity.

So, you can imagine what I thought was coming on the We Say page today. But no, Al took the occassion to hammer the federal government for not giving more money down here or cutting taxes.

I still think a defense of the Tory government is coming. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe Al needs a day or two to let the Premier’s Office write his We Say, er, I mean give the issue a little more thought.