Three cheers for his Lordship

I just read that Dieppe’s Mayor Yvon Lapierre has resigned as mayor of Dieppe. This is a tremendous loss for the Greater Moncton region.

Yes, I realize that Mayor Lapierre had a reputation for being a hard ‘butt’ but that feistiness was just what Dieppe needed when he came to power over 7 years ago. You see, Dieppe could have been content with the rapid population growth in the community. It could have said we aren’t interested in economic development – we will rely soley on our residential growth. But that wasn’t enough for the Mayor. He wanted to build a strong local economy in Dieppe. He wanted to be a force attracting – and he had some success – and that is good for Greater Moncton as a whole.

So put aside issues of City planning, water supply and the few other family spats that we have seen in Greater Moncton in recent years. The bottom line is that Mayor Lapierre had a passion for economic development and that was very good for Greater Moncton.

I can only hope the next Mayor continues this passion.