Tee hee hee

Was there ever any doubt that Premier Lord wouldn’t refurbish the Lepreau nuclear plant? Remember, last year he said it was uneconomical to refurbish and earlier this year he said that refurbishment would push up power rates by 6% for all New Brunswickers.

Now, at today’s announcement he said:

“It makes good economic and environmental sense.”

How did we get from an uneconomic decision that will significantly increase power rates to one that makes good economic sense?

Politics. The Premier is on a role right now. This will shore up his support in Saint John for the next election. The cost of the refurbishment will be accrued most likely under the next Premier and the power rate increases for New Brunswickers? Well, they are coming fast and furious and the Premier is banking that we will forget Orimulsion and Lepreau come election time.

Which we probably will.

Tee hee hee.

Ain’t politics grand? Decisions can go from awful to wonderful based on a few swing seats.

I say we need to privatize NB Power, write off the debt somehow and start over with a sensible, long term, depoliticized energy strategy for the province.

But we won’t will we?

Those predictions of an early election in New Brunswick might turn out to be true afterall.