Memories, misty water-colored memories

Memories, Light the corners of my mind; Misty water-colored memories, Of the way we were; Scattered pictures, Of the smiles we left behind; Smiles we gave to one another, For the way we were;Can it be that it was all so simple then? Or has time re-written every line? If we had the chance to do it all again, Tell me, would we? Could we? Mem’ries, may be beautiful and yet, What’s too painful to remember, We simply choose to forget; So it’s the laughter, We will remember, Whenever we remember… The way we were… the way we were…

I just finished reading about South Carolina’s Governor and his efforts to bring new business investment to that state. Here are some highlights:

The governor has proven time and again his willingness to do everything in his power to bring economic development projects to South Carolina.

Gov. Sanford worked extremely hard to win that project. Anytime I needed him to meet with company officials, he agreed. I’ve seen him travel across the Atlantic for a dinner meeting, just to get back on a plane to be in Columbia for work the next day. He traveled to Dallas for a breakfast meeting with Vought and made it back in time for the start of the legislative session that same day. When the companies visited Alabama, the governor personally flew out at 4 a.m. to pick up the site selection team members and bring them back to South Carolina.

Aren’t you thinking what I’m thinking? Doesn’t it sound like Sanford went to the Frank McKenna school of economic development?

Could you imagine our current Premier personally flying out at 4 a.m. to pick up the site selection team members?


Memories, misty water-colored memories….