Hogan the magician

Following from my previous blog, I guess that Al Hogan at the Times & Transcript has a different view on the labour market from Statistics Canada. Al’s headline reads N.B. job picture stable while Statistics Canada, the folks who prepare the report on the labour market stated “There were fewer people working in New Brunswick as employment decreased by 6,000 in June“.

6,000 fewer jobs and almost a 1% increase in the unemployment rate (the highest increase in the unemployment rate in all of Canada) is considered ‘stable’ by Al Hogan and the Times & Transcript. Come on, Al. What would it take for you to run a story headlined “New Brunswick has highest increase in unemployment in Canada“?

For the T&T, it would take a change in leadership. To get an unbiased, neutral view, we would need a change.

But another point in the story that was very interesting was the comments of Training and Employment Minister Margaret-Ann Blaney. Ms. Blaney brings a smile to my face every time I see her name in print. She states:

“We will also continue to provide New Brunswickers with individualized career plans through our department to help them reach their long-term employment goals and improve their opportunity to prosper.”

What the heck is this? Is there anyone in New Brunswick that has received an individualized career plan from the provincial government? (not including the 4,000 new jobs in public administration in the last 12 months – they, presumably, have career plans)

This is about the most bizarre statement coming out of a government official’s mouth since Stockwell Day.

Individualized career plans.


I googled this just to see and I couldn’t find any mention, anywhere, of individualized career plans leading to increased prosperity offered by the provincial government.

To paraphrase Bender in The Breakfast Club: I think that Al Hogan and Margaret-Ann Blaney should get together and go bowling…..